Ai Pheng Yeap

Silver RX Series | Mid-market speaker range

silver-rx-4Award winner loudspeakers

Silver RX Series offers chic design with dynamic accuracy. It is an upgraded version of the old Silver RS Series. The design of this new range has been enhanced with stronger chassis, HiVe II port technology, RST driver cone, simple and clean aesthetics with bolt through driver, and magnetic cloth grille. This upgraded range is our one of our best seller and has seen major increase in sales.

silver-rx-3Every details and finishes were carefully thought through

This speaker range was designed with women in mind. As the audio industry is very male dominant, most products are too masculine for any potential female customers. The no visible screw design and improved proportion was implemented to soften the outlook as too many screws scream complication and technical which will repel potential female customers.

85% of purchase influences are made by women so this is an important demographic that should not be ignored.

RXgroupshotWalnutThe complete Silver RX range


What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision Magazine – March 2010
‘Form and function in perfect harmony, these speakers will sit pretty in any home.’




The back of the Silver RXW12 (subwoofer) showing the aluminium amp panel design

RXFXWalnutThe Silver RXFX has been improved tremendously

Technical Application:
  • Autodesk Inventor : 3D models, 2D CAD drawings, Renderings
  • Adobe Illustrator : Artwork

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