Ai Pheng Yeap

AirStream 10 | Internet Radio


Monitor Audio AirStream 10 is a ‘compact radio’ made with high quality materials, using strong and low-resonance aluminium shell, touch sensitive menu buttons and ergonomic central control dial. It lets you experience using radio in brand new way. It streams 15,000 different internet radio stations globally but not to worry, there is FM and DAB in case your internet is down. It also gives you access to all your music files on your home network.

This radio has easy to use interface, and flexibility of use in the home. It was designed to be placed horizontally by the bedside table or standing on the kitchen top or shelf.
PC PRO Magazine – Jan 2010
Best Buys of 2009
‘…it’s the most desirable internet radio we’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. If you have the cash, it’s worth splashing out.’BBC Music Magazine – October 2009
‘TheAirStream is a rare find in the world of radio. It seamlessly combines stunning radical design with an easy-to-use radio set-up and a greatsound.’

Stuff – November 2009’Radio has a new icon. This easy-to-use, great-sounding box deserves space on your tabletop.’

Featured In:
Cnet UK, BBC Music, The Sunday Mail, Hi-Fi Choice,

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